Why Are Balloons Filled With Helium Gas?

2022-05-24 | Blog


Balloons Filled With Helium Gas


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Amazing helium has incredible values on balloons decoration, which creates an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Although we have known helium is in great demand for scientific and medical purposes. Filling balloons is one of the helium application as well, probably the most fun and uncomplicated one. Helium is absolutely inert, does not react with any known chemical, non-toxic, non-explosive. It is odorless and colorless; it rises in the air and dissolves in the upper atmosphere. So it is ideal for balloons filling to fly in the sky. According to fire safety standards, only gases such as helium and ordinary air are safe for inflating,balloons. If helium balloons burst, it does not pose a threat to the health of people nearby. That’s why helium is the best choice for Balloon Filling.

Some people may doubt whether hydrogen is workable, which is also much lighter than air. However, this is not the best idea as it is very active and explosive. Any small spark can set off an explosion. It’s like carring a bomb with you.  

What Else Do You Need To Inflate Balloons?

To Have a Gas Cylinder.

To know the way of using helium gas cylinder.

To maximize your balloon fun, it's best to have helium on hand. Our helium tank allows you to inflate your balloons wherever you need them. 

We offer the helium gas with a full range of package sizes including 1L, 3.5L, 4.5L, 7L, 13L, 22L, 50L, 60L cylinders and bulk deliveries. We can also provide additional support services such as technical advice and new product technical development.


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