How to find a qualified helium tank or a professional helium tank supplier/factory

2023-09-25 | Blog

                         How to find a qualified helium tank or a professional helium tank supplier 

Finding a qualified helium tank involves a few steps to ensure you get a safe and reliable tank. Helium tanks are commonly used for inflating balloons, for scientific experiments, and various other purposes. Here's how you can find a qualified helium tank:

Determine Your Requirements:

Tanks come in various sizes, so it's important to know your requirements in terms of volume and pressure.

Ask About Purity:

Helium purity is important, which determin the float time of balloons. Ask the supplier about the purity of the helium they provide.

Inspect the Tank:

Make sure the tank comes from professional certified manufacturer. Tank belongs to pressured tools, requires professsional production management and quality assurance. Each tank is marked with batch number, which can be traced once there is any problem. 

Inspect the tank for any signs of damage or wear. Make sure the tank appears well-maintained. 

Verify Tank Testing :

Check the tank for Cerfified Marking or GHS labels indicating the warning and manufacturer. Every qualified tank has its batch number, which can be traced once it has any problem.   

Refillable Helium tanks typically need to be tested and recertified periodically for safety reasons.

Inquire About refillable and non-refillable Options:

Determine whether you want to purchase the tank refillable or non-refillable. Refillable helium cylinder, with high pressure is common for distributors or stores use. Non-refillable helium cylinder is common for one-time events, much safer for end-users, easy for operating with lower pressure! 

Ask About Helium Filling Services:

We can offer helium refilling services for refillable cylinders.

Disposable helium cylinder cannot be refilled any more.

Review Safety Guidelines:

Ensure you understand the safety guidelines for handling helium gas, especially if you are filling balloons or using it for experimental purposes.

Always prioritize safety when handling helium tanks, and follow all safety guidelines provided by the supplier.

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