Attention --- Filling Helium Cylinders

2022-05-24 | Blog


Helium cylinders have to be produced by qualified factories under strict standard. Then helium cylinders belongs to high pressure tools, which actually are dangerous products. We should be careful and cautious when using helium cylinders in industry, especially when filling the helium cylinder. This operation must be performed by qualified technicians.

Helium cylinders filled with helium are classified as Class II hazardous cargo. If the helium cylinders encounter excessive filling, the overloaded pressure in the container will lead to cracking and explosion. Manufacturers are required to strictly handle the safety of helium cylinders. The new cylinders purchased are all cylinders certified by regular manufacturers, and the use of expired, unchecked, and damaged cylinders must be avoided. Equipped with gas cylinder, hydraulic test equipment, air tightness test equipment, fatigue inspection machine and other equipment to inspect helium cylinders are required to ensure the safety of the use of helium cylinders.

Filling Helium Cylinders Filling Helium Cylinders Filling Helium Cylinders
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