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Empty Refrigerant Tank

Empty Refrigerant Tank

Empty freon tank wholesale / Empty AC gas cylinder

19+ years experience, ISO9001, DOT-39, Customized design

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Refrigerant Cylinder

Disposable Refrigerant Cylinder

Refillable Refrigerant Tank / Leading manufacturer

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Refrigerant Cylinder

Welcome to inquire Empty refrigerant tanks and Gases. Certification by DOT-39 / Bureau Veritas / KGS/ TUV

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1. Manufacturing Disposable Refrigerant Cylinders and and Refillable Cylinders for R410A, R22, R134A, R404A, R507C and etc 2. Over 19+years experience of producing and exporting----Leading manufacturer 3. Long-term cooperation relationship with world famous brands such as Honeywell, Chemours, Arkema...

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We are JOSO

We specializing in manufacturing and supplying different sizes of gas cylinders: refrigerants gas cylinder (R410A,R507C,R134A,R404A and etc.), disposable helium tank for balloons, polyurethane spray foam cylinder and Mapp gas cylinder. We can offer one-stop supply of cylinders and gases at ex-factory prices. We have : 1. 91,000m2 manufacturing plant with over 18 years’ R&D and manufacturing experience and over 30 patents. 2. Advanced technology and process make our product quality at the leading level of the market. 3. An annual manufacturing capacity of 26 million gas cylinders. 4. Great production capacity can gurantee the fast delivery 7-10 workdays as lead time. 5. Global market share of our produts reaches 35%.

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No.1 Manufacturing Capability

Our factory occupies 35% global market share.

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Any inquiry and email can be replied within 1 hour on workday.

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We offer a one-stop supply of cylinders and gases at ex-factory prices

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Our great production capacity can gurantee the fast delivery 7-10 workdays as lead time.

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We have attained all the necessary certificate for market sales demand.

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